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String Compression Problem - Solution in Python

Given an input string, write a function that returns the Run Length Encoded string for the input string.

For example, if the input string is ‘abbaa’, then the function should return ‘ab2a2’.

Generic View in Django


Generic views are used for displaying a list of objects and write code that displays a list of any object.

Django ships with generic views to do the following:

  • Display list and detail pages for a single object. If we…

More about HTTP ‘POST’ and ‘GET’ Requests

GET Request: This fetches information from the server.When we type a URL ,then the client asks for the information from the server.The server then sends the information and this is called ‘response’.This can be called as request-response cycle.

Supervised Machine Leaning

Supervised machine learning is where we have input variable (x) and an output variable (y). An algorithm is used to map the function from input to output. For example,Y=f(x).

There are two types of supervised ML which are : Regression and Classification.The difference between the two is that , the…

BeautifulSoup-A kick-start to scraping

‘Web Scraping’ is a spontaneous and intriguing process for extraction of data from any website.The easiest way to scrape the data from any website is by using bs4(BeautifulSoup) in python. BeautifulSoup is a package of python for parsing HTML and XML pages.This package actually creates parse…


What’s so special about the recipe of scraping data from any versatile website?Let’s find out!

The most joyous moment for a scrapper is when they try to scrape out data and receive the desired results. When scraping comes into scene, ‘Python’ is considered as the most compatible…

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